Adding BGinfo to Azure Virtual Machines

I have always liked BGinfo and have been using it for a long time for easy reference to key details of the machine I am working with. BGinfo is available as a VM extension for Azure virtual machines. The following outlines the steps needed to get it deployed to your Azure VM.

Confirm you have PowerShellGet

PowerShellGet is required to install items from the PowerShell gallery. Run the following to verify if you have it installed.

Get-Module PowerShellGet -list | Select-Object Name,Version,Path

If installed you will see the name and version displayed

Name Version Path 
---- ------- ---- 
PowerShellGet C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PowerShellGet\\PowerShellGet.psd1

If not installed refer to How To Get PowerShellGet

Install Azure PowerShell

Run the following command to install the Azure PowerShell module

Install-Module AzureRM

Install Azure VM Agent on your virtual machine

Log into the virtual machine you want to run BGinfo on and download the Windows Azure VM Agent. Once downloaded proceed through the installation wizard to complete the install.

Deploy BGinfo to your Azure VM

Import Azure PowerShell Module

Import-Module AzureRM

Connect to your Azure subscription


Run the following PowerShell to deploy BGinfo to your Virtual Machine. Update value for Location , ResourceGroupName and VMName to match your environment.

Set-AzureRmVMExtension -ExtensionName BGInfo -Publisher Microsoft.Compute -Version 2.1 -ExtensionType BGInfo -Location ENTERLOCATION -ResourceGroupName RESOURCEGROUPNAME -VMName VMNAME

Once completed, BGinfo will have been deployed to the specified VM. You will see the details on the desktop the next time you access the machine.

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