Working with Visual Studio Team Services from behind a proxy server

Visual Studio Team Services is a Microsoft cloud service that includes code repository capabilities, tools to assist in agile development, testing and more.  We started testing the waters with this service utilizing the agile tools to assist with our sprint planning and delivery. It was an easy transition and has definitely been a good addition for the team.

Out next step was to transition our on premises code repository in Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services. Details around migration can be found here on the Visual Studio site.

Our migration path prompted us to move from TFS source control repository to using GIT as our standard. Here is where was ran into some bumps in the road. We could not sync the git repositories via Visual Studio. We could connect to VSTS and browse tasks in Visual Studio but attempting to sync code would timeout. We configured our proxy server in Visual Studio using the following steps.

Configure Proxy Server for Visual Studio 2017

  • Run your preferred text editor as administrator
  • Browse and open the “devenv.exe.config” file from  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\Common7\IDE
  • Find the  “<>” section and add the following


  • Save and close the file

Syncing the code still failed with the proxy enabled in Visual Studio. After some network tracing and additional troubleshooting and research we found that there are proxy settings for GIT as well that needed to be set.

Configure Proxy Server for Git

  • Open command prompt as administrator
  • Run this command with your proxy server address


  • You can then validate it is set by running “git config –global –get http.proxy “
  • close the command prompt

With the proxy now configured for Git you should now be able to sync your repository in Visual Studio.


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